FIT | Squats Low & Standards High

FIT | “Keep Your Squats Low & Standards High”

Who knew Snoop Dogg was into rapping about health! Dropping it like it’s hot DAILY can help elongate your spine, open hips, ankles, groin and achilles, stimulate sex glands and aides in smoothly relieving things that no longer serve you (Think Squatty potty minus the price tag! Poop-tastic!! Keep giggling we all do it!)

Now a little diff from the club bangin’ Pop, Lock and Drop it version, this Deep Yoga Squat aka Garland Pose, aka Malasana holds on the bounce. You just settle into it, ya know, hold it DOWN (dine)!!! Hold the pose like a boss but keep a deep, cyclical breath going! Here’s how to execute this pose and also improve mobility/strength for your twerking needs.

1️⃣Move feet hip-distance apart — or even wider
2️⃣Drop your pelvis as low as possible, hovering just inches above the floor.
3️⃣Your spine is straight in this variation
4️⃣Hands at heart center
▪️Place a block, bolster pillow under your butt. Ever so lightly rest your butt on the block and focus on opening through the hips and letting your pelvis drop. Using your elbows to press to inside of your thighs and keeping your chest lifted, along with your gaze.

So about those STANDARDS. They should always be at all time high! Like T.I. said, you don’t want no mediocre.

I have made a BIG STANDARD for raising $2200 for the MD Anderson Pediatric cancer through competing in the D10, the Decathlon! 10 Events, 1 cause. Check out my link here to donate AND push me to keep my physical standards high too!


(I was feeling exceptionally creative while writing this post. Hmmm…could it be the solid breakfast?? I don’t know, but drop a comment, heart it, ahem, show some virtual love essentially if you like the content)


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