r12 Challenge

It’s our 12 weeks, what results will we achieve? This app based team training program led by certified trainer Roz Jones and Holistic Lifestyle Nutritionist Jennifer Jones is designed for what we believe in, a healthy “Lifestyle!” Not just another fitness app, fad diet, get fit quick scheme, but truly a program that focuses on movement, mindset, and nutrition to live your best, healthiest, life and the best part, its guided by industry leaders.

This program uses the concept of “Habit Stacking” for long term change in daily routine. We all know it’s not easy to add multiple new habits to your day. But what you might not realize is it’s fairly easy to build a single new routine. Habit stacking is a strategy you can use to group together small changes into a routine that you follow daily.

You will be in direct communication with the coaches, receiving motivation, tips, habit stacking hacks and have access to communicate with professionals via in-app messaging.

To keep it personal this program is limited to 25 athletes, ready and willing to level up their lifestyle.

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• 12 weeks of practical holistic exercise advice, daily workouts and mentoring to crush your healthy lifestyle goals!
 12 Weeks of unique video programs designed for incorporating cardiovascular endurance, strength & flexibility.
 Weekly mindset mentoring videos supporting you to create change from the inside
 Weekly nutrition & food guidance from certified professional Jennifer Jones
 The convenience of being able to access the professionals that built the r12 program from any mobile device
 Real-time in-app team chat for discussion, words of encouragement and motivation from your coaches and athletes
 Ability to track progress through side-by-side comparison photos, check-ins
 Link your FitBit & My Fitness Pal for more detailed personal tracking


• The Mind-Body Connection: How Your Thoughts Affect Your Body
• Fitness…Obsession vs. Lifestyle
Creating Healthy Habits: Success Lies In Your Daily Routine
• When the Scale Sucks: 5+ Ways To Know You’re Making Progress
• Bullet Journaling: The ease and convenience of charting your progress
• Identifying F.E.A.R. and creating steps to overcome it
• The F-Word! Flexibility and Why It Should Be of Chief Importance
• How To Use Food To Reach Your Fitness Goals
• The Cause Of Self-Sabotage & How To Overcome It
• Yoga: The Best Compliment to any workout Routine
• Knowing Your Why: The Power Behind Achieving Your
Fitness Goals
• The Truth About Body Fat
• Motivation: 10 Tricks For Staying On Track
• Meal Prepping Hacks


• Feeling of being truly alive and inspired
• More knowledgeable about nutrition, exercise & fitness
• More connected to your inner knowing and wisdom
 Motivated to achieve your goals
• Determined, confident and energized
• Empowered to make positive changes for yourself
• More courageous to face challenges and adversities in your life
• Less stressed
 Grounded, grateful
• Happier & healthier


Each 4 weeks we will focus on a different phase of mindset that coincides with coached nutrition, the fitness regimen and the habit stacking concept. Check them out below!

 Weeks 1-4 (Challenged or Chilling? YOU CHOOSE!)
Weeks 5-8 (Acknowledge Your Presence, Acknowledge Your Strength)
Weeks 9-12 (Mad Hustle & A Dope Soul)


 Foam Roller
 Access to 5-15# Dumbbells (The weight will vary based on exercise and muscle group utilized)
 Access to safe walking/running path, trail, and/or treadmill
 Jump Rope


Athletes will be drafted in the total of $185 monthly on the initially and on the exact date every month for a total of 3 months.


 Purchase of the r12 program, which is considered the full subscription of three months is non-refundable after the start of the program March 18.


Keeping physically active is key to a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes it’s best to check with your doctor before you start to exercise. This program is designed for apparently healthy individuals without major physical or internal limitations. It’s important to consult your doctor before starting an exercise program to ensure there are no underlying issues that could negatively impact your regimen.

We strongly suggest that you talk to your doctor before you start this or any exercise program if any of the following apply:

You have heart disease.
You are currently pregnant
You have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
You have kidney disease.
You have arthritis, osteopenia or osteoporosis
You’re being treated for cancer, or you’ve recently completed cancer treatment.
You have high blood pressure.
You are over the age of 45 years of life experience

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