LIFE | Smoothie Gear Guide: 3-Must Have Items

3 Items to Make Smoothie Making and Storage a Cinch!

Smoothie Gear GuideI get excited and do my happy dance when I find something that helps make life a little easier— like squeezing my servings of veggies and vitamins into one cup with a press of a button! Maybe not all my servings, but definitely helps. Im talking green smoothies, fruit smoothies and much more packed with herbs, vitamins, nutrients and minerals to fuel your body. Here is your Smoothie Gear Guide!



A blender is the most essential and ridiculously critical tool for successfully making smoothies.  Blendtec and Vitamix are the most coveted blenders (and for good reasons— their warranty and performance are incredible). They are an investment, but can be purchased refurbished for $350-$400. Between these two they pack pack the power, Blendtec having more wats, but all comes down to preference. You want a 2 pronges or 4-pronged blade? Do you care for all the buttons or variable speeds? Personally I’ve never used either, but as I get serious about sipping on smoothies, it will be on the wish list.

Just dabbling into the world of smoothie making and not willling to sacrifice your car payment for a magical blender? You don’t have to, seriously! Runners up are the versatile Nutribullet and Ninja and they are amazing (especially for the price). Some say these dont compare, but you decide.

At $199.99, The Ninja Ultima costs almost twice as much as the NutriBullet ($119.94). However, being that it’s the first and only product on the market to offer Dual Stage Blending, which crushes and liquifies ingredients in mere moments, $200 is still a bargain.

At 1500 Watts, 2.5 peak horsepower, the NINJA crushes the power of the bullet, which is seriously outgunned at just 600 Watts.

Being a busy single chick in the city, easy clean up in relation to quantity needed is a huge factor. I have found the NutriBullet to be a gold mine…single servings and just two parts to clean. Bonus, containers that can go with me too and fit snug in my Xterra cup holders! #powpow


Mason Jar SmoothieLeave it to Mason to keep your smoothies fresh and leak proof! Mason jars come in a variety of sizes, but the wide mouth pint size are ideal for easy pouring and cleaning.






Ball Plastic Mason Lids

I have found that the original metal Ball lids will rust if continually exposed to water, obviously, making them hard to screw close and an orange residue around the jar mouth. So, the ball’s 8 wide mouth reusable plastic canning lids are BPA-free, sturdy plastic lids, designed to fit regular wide-mouth canning jars!







Hold the smoothie stache with these disposable straws that make sipping a little stylish! Target and all you rmega stores carry these stealthy sippers in a variety of colors and sizes.