STYLE | My White Teeth Regimen


Let’s chat about a topic I repeatedly get asked about. So here’s the rundown & it’s super simple with common products you probably have lying around home. I refuse to spend lots of money on teeth whitening ⠀
😁 Hydrogen Peroxide – Rinse toothbrush daily with it and spray on top toothpaste ⠀

41D147A1-B513-4497-8FDB-5F4B3D43FEB7😁 Tom’s Fluoride Free Toothpaste – I don’t use fluoride at all for reasons associated with it’s toxicity over time. My choice but google it for yourself and form your own opinion on daily use of it. ⠀

😁 Baking Soda – I sprinkle on top of my toothpaste. ⠀

😁 Crest Electric Toothbrush! If you have not switched to an electric toothbrush you’re missing out in life. Yes my mouth feels cleaner but the soothing vibrations on my gums, issa gum massage. This one has lasted 6+ years too! ⠀

😁 Crest Whitening Strips – 1x year or every couple years! Coffee consumption has been on the rise, i mean like a daily habit rise😬 So after 3 years of not whitening, it’s time!⠀
GUILTY ADMISSION! Flossing? What flossing? You mean the frantic flossing a few days before a dental appointment so I can honestly tell them “Yep, been flossing!” I’m horrible at this, I get on a roll (after dentist visit), lose it, etc. But my best time to floss has been in the car, stuck in traffic. ⠀
What’s your regimen? Have ya used Crest white strips? Oohh, or the charcoal toothpaste?

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