LIFE | Lemon Crushing Playlist (HIIT List of the Week)

Let’s. be real, shit happens in life, sometimes things suck and dont seem to be going your way. These things are inevitable¬†sure, but how we handle adversity is critical in the fight to keep moving forward and se the lesson.

So, MUSIC is my lemon crusher for sure and here are a few of my fave beats to fight the blues, ya know, make shift happen.Instant Mood Boost With The Push Of A Button

When life keeps handing me lemons, I play my “You got this, take over he world mix” for instant motivation and a shift to the brighter side of thinking.

1.You Gotta Be by Des’Ree

2. Fight To Win by Goodie Mob

3. Survival by Muse

4. I Like How It Feels by

5. Im So Excited by Pointer Sisters

6. Wait Til You See My Smile by Alicia Keys

7. Good Life by One Rebublic

8. Go Home by Will.I.Am

9. Im Alive by Michael Franti

10. Ain’ No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye

11. Happy by Pharrel

12. Roar by Katy Perry

13. Best of You by Foo Fighters

14. Don’t Stop Believin by Journey

15. Motivation by T.I.

16. Mercy by Dave Matthews Band